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The Boys from Ballyduff
Just a mile or thereabouts,

From the lordly Shannon mouth,

There's a spot to which none other I'd compare;

It's a village, not a town,

Though her sons have gained renown,

For the Boys from Ballyduff are always there.


"It is true that the sportsfield can be looked upon as a plot of ground that was purchased, developed and provided with amenities for the playing and promotion of Gaelic Games. However, to examine it within such narrow and mundane limits is to ignore the very essence of its purpose.

This is hollow ground which encapsulates the hopes, desires, dreams, disappointments, successes and efforts of very many people in this community stretching back for more than 100 years. Some have gone to their eternal reward, and it would be a grave injustice to their memory to misconstrue their motives. This field represents the symbolic worth of the widow's mite side by side with the symbolic worth of a county championship medal.

It is a monument to the past, a testimony to the present and a sentinel to the future. To think of it in lesser is a profanity that would strip it of its drama and romance and rob it of its spirit."...Gerald McKenna, Ballyduff A GAA History

Present Development

New Dressing Rooms -

New club dressing rooms and meeting room. Building has been completedl, as can be seen from the above picture.

Click on the links below to view plans for the new clubhouse. Note: You will need Acrobat Reader to view these documents. Download Reader here

Proposed Clubhouse - Front, Rear & Side Elevations
Proposed Clubhouse - Side View