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The Boys from Ballyduff
Just a mile or thereabouts,

From the lordly Shannon mouth,

There's a spot to which none other I'd compare;

It's a village, not a town,

Though her sons have gained renown,

For the Boys from Ballyduff are always there.

The following websites contain useful information for all under-age coaches. They are well worth looking at. : coaching-drills : coaching-drills : Wall-ball drills : Warm-ups; Football

- Semiars and Workshops for Coaches

Noel Browne has provided the following PDF Documents on fitness and training for under-age players. Feel free to print them off if you wish.

Training the Core

Core Stability Exercises

U-14 Conditioning Programme

U-16 Conditioning Programme

U-17 DevelopmentSquad: Strength and Conditioning

Recoveryfrom Training and Games